Book Club – “Ladies In Read”

Hello fellow bloggers,

“Ladies In Read”

I thought I would share about the book club I am in.  We have been going to 14 months now.  At first it was a little awkward as we didn’t all know each other.  We began with 4 of us knowing each other from school and then each of us invited a friend to make the group diverse.  We have 8 people.  We did have 10 but it was too many, takes too long to hear everyone’s thoughts on what we have read.  Two dropped away.

We take turns each month choosing a book, initially by birthday and then with 4 random choices, ie: Sydney Writers Fesitval book, Good Reads book etc.

This months book is “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn.  We have read some real shockers!  Just awful books and then we have read some wonderful reads.  We range between fiction and non fiction. 

We have a teacher, a real estate agent, an ex speach writer for the labour party, a world renound mathematical statistician (who didn’t read!), a paediatric palative care nurse, a law secretary, a lawyer, a fabulous cook and a huge amount of chatter!

Over the time our club has evolved into a book club but also a friendship circle.

We have such an interesting and diverse range of reading interests, religions, nationalities and life experience.  Makes for seriously good conversation.  My husband said he would hate to be in the same room as all of us as it would be a huge challenge to get a word in.  On the other hand he would love to be a fly on the wall one night…

We have had times when one of us can’t make it so we skyped the other away on holidays so they could join in.

My choice is next month and I have picked “Band Aid for a Broken Leg” by Damien Brown.  an MSF doctor abroad who wrote about his experiences in Africa.

One member likes to choose a book that is a big challenge to us all, another likes to read Mills and Boon, as she is a breast cancer survivor and likes a happy ending, another only likes to read fact or autobiography.

Each Christmas we bring a wrapped book and then have a lucky dip, we then share those books also.

Anyway the whole point is to write something that is interesting enough that someone might want to follow or like.  Hopefully you enjoyed hearing about the book club.


About Peta Cappello

TAFE Mt Druitt, learning about social media. I have 3 children who know more about social media than I do! Really enjoying the steep learning curve.
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3 Responses to Book Club – “Ladies In Read”

  1. poppy2rosie says:

    What a great way to experience a wide variety of books and meet new and interesting people.

  2. dancingbell says:

    That sounds like a lovely idea!

  3. havetoblog23 says:

    This sounds like a fantastic book club!

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