Changing my theme – what a relief

I have had huge trouble reading my own blog!  I have changed to this theme which is so much better than before, I can actually find who I am following now…

Ahhhhhhhhh I am spending alot of time working out what on earth I am doing.  Slowly it is coming to make sence, but I am of the opinon that there is no way I could spend time on so many different types of social media.  I can see that you need to pick the style of social media best suited to the individual and just stick with that, otherwise you would be doubling up on uploading the same info on several different sites, what a waste of time!


About Peta Cappello

TAFE Mt Druitt, learning about social media. I have 3 children who know more about social media than I do! Really enjoying the steep learning curve.
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3 Responses to Changing my theme – what a relief

  1. This is an interesting point. We saw how the TAFE library divided the social media duties. I think that is a good approach. I also think that certain types of information suits certain social media platforms. You are right though, it does take up a lot of time. 🙂

  2. haneemel says:

    Even though you can double up on information by having many platforms of social media, it may not necessarily be a waste of time. Different people like to get their information in different ways, so you might be able to target some people with Twitter for example, but others with a blog. Although I do agree with you on this being time consuming. Not a fan of social media platforms which take too much time to maintain.

  3. poppy2rosie says:

    I agree that you need to find the platform that suits you best, as I am having trouble finding enough time to review and maintain the couple that I have set up, let alone all of them.

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