Libraries of the future

Wow this library has so many books, interesting post.

Library Studies

Have a look at this technology being used in Salt lake City Library. Is this good or bad for Library Tecnicians?

I have just added a twitter link to by my post regarding libraries of the future. So this will help spread news when twitter only lets you use 120 characters, just add a link to blog to see more information. Twitter is a great way to spread news instantly.Retweeting is good too.Tweeting is like text messaging, it is quick easy to use, current and more likely to be read. You can attach photos, video and links to tweets. Microblogging evolved from blogs because they are condensed ,convenient and portable.You don’t have to tweet to enjoy twitter you can just listen.Libraries are using twitter to let people know what is on,The State Library is tweeting up to four times per day. Which is a great reminder to go and visit…

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TAFE Mt Druitt, learning about social media. I have 3 children who know more about social media than I do! Really enjoying the steep learning curve.
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