I’m Hooked! Libraries can really capture the imagination of the young and old.

OK so I started out not knowing anything about (micro blogging) Twitter, Blogging, (photo sharing) Pinterest, searching the internet, Facebook (social networking), video sharing and on it goes.  The pace at which communicating is changing is at times giving me a brain freeze…

But, I’m Hooked!

Thank you Bonnie for teaching in such an interesting way.  The huge minefield of social media has been transformed for me from quite intimidating (thinking I could never comprehend what it is all about) to being something I am participating in and learning and really enjoying the huge array of opportunity to learn.

I have used Twitter feeds to keep informed about what is happening in my local and state libraries.  My family visited the “Greatest Wonder of the World” photographic exhibit at the NSW State Library last weekend.  I just love looking into my Twitter account to see what is happening and what interesting things are available to my children to participate in.  So much is free too.

I am absolutely certain that Libraries can reap the rewards of keeping up to date on Twitter, Facebook, Blogs and other social media sites.  I notice that in America libraries are really encouraging the public to come in and use free WiFi and computers, to read, search for jobs and catch up with friends on social media.  Their libraries are moving with the times and have noticed an increase in library participation statistics because of up to date technology practices.

There is a massive amount of information available from libraries around Australia and the world, on Twitter (which is my preferred social media type) which is presented in a professional fashion.  This shows me that libraries can be hip, smart and cool.

I have learned that there are some amazing people in my class.  Capable of teaching me many things about how to learn, how to study and in turn publish something worth reading.  Thank you for your generosity and infectious enthusiasm for the unit.

I must away as it school holidays and my 10 year old daughter wants me to read another chapter of “The Golden Door” before bed…



About Peta Cappello

TAFE Mt Druitt, learning about social media. I have 3 children who know more about social media than I do! Really enjoying the steep learning curve.
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