Great Results When You Have a Child Who Loves Reading

Great Results When You Have a Child Who Loves Reading

Anzac Day Remembrance, my 14 year old son is an avid reader.  I have read to my children from birth and taken them to libraries and book shops from toddler till now.  I have 3 children who all have completely different tastes in authors… so much for having each book read by by 3 children.  Second hand books are great but so is the thrill of walking into a book shop and browsing the shelves to buy the latest book by your favourite author.  We also like going to the library.

I hope you enjoy the poem my beautiful son wrote on life as a soldier.  He was studying Anzac Day, Rememberance and the Second World War.  This is part of English at school.  Notice his wide vocab, due to reading reading reading.  If you can read you can do anything.  A love of reading is one of the greatest gifts I have given my children.

Poem: The First Heroes

The dry wind, driving tears from his face,

The conquering dust, scratching off what was left of him,

The weary gun, scared, watching from below with careful eyes,

The collar of his shirt, silently strangling his dying faith,

Scarred by the first hand witness of an inevitable demise.

The contagious fear loitering in his soul violently ripped his weak courage to shreds,

As if the Lord had eagerly abandoned him at the apocalyptic sight.

His dwindling hope surrounded by closing walls of haunting doubt…


But with an ever-growing inkling of hopefulness, he humbly breathed.

Guided by an idea of pride and patriotism,

The blurred pathway to the greater good illuminated,

And even though the uncensored scene lay naked in front of him,

With somberness dwelling in his heavy heart, he now understood what needed to be done.


With an all inspiring memory of life,

Empowered by the unbreakable bond of friendship,

Partnered with noble comrades of fortitude,

He rose from beneath the debris of salty sadness and

Armed with priceless weaponry,

He carried on,


Knowing that his country called from beyond the hills

And that courage, strength, determination and love would drag him up the mountain of war to a satisfying end,

Where there he will rest, and be remembered.



About Peta Cappello

TAFE Mt Druitt, learning about social media. I have 3 children who know more about social media than I do! Really enjoying the steep learning curve.
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