Dictionery – Dress Made With Pages – Fantastic

Dictionery - Dress Made With Pages - Fantastic

Cute Dress Design Created Out of Old Book Pages

If you are always looking for something good to read, then this dress is for you! Redditor jorimoo recently created this detailed garment design completely out of the pages of an old book. Rather than leaving them to collect dust on a shelf, this seems like as good a purpose as any for pages that are, in this digital world, becoming more and more obsolete.

The dress design is quite intricate, featuring several layers of ruffles in the skirt as well as in the fitted bodice. Additionally, overlapping accordion folds on the bust create a stylish fanning effect. One can only imagine that you must be very careful walking around in such a fragile outfit. Jorimoo is seen in the photos, modeling the dress at a readers and writers festival. Seems like an appropriate outfit for such a literary event!


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