Transformed Retail Store to Huge Functioning mcallenlibrary1.jpg

Former Walmart Transformed Into Modern Library Space

When Walmart vacated this large warehouse building, the abandoned space sat empty for quite a while before Meyer, Scherer & Rockcastle decided to do something about it. The architecture firm transformed the former retail store, located in McAllen, Texas, into a huge, functioning library.

124,500 square feet of space on one single level now features not only shelves and shelves of books, but also sectioned off spaces to read, community meeting rooms, a children’s library, and a staff area. The main ceiling is covered with a patterned wood design while the community space boasts a bright orange floor and walls to separate the space. The modern design provides an intimate and friendly location for neighbors to gather together and get lost in a good book.

The firm was honored with the American Institute of Architects’ highest honor for architecture and the judges stated that “The McAllen Main Library represents an important shift in American cultural attitudes toward tolerating big box, suburban structures. The design team signaled that 21st-century attitudes toward design are evolving quickly.”


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