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Agnostic, Maybe

(If I write a memoir, I’m using that as the title. -A)

One part of my new job duties is collection development and one of the sections that I cover is the true crime area. This past weekend I was thinking of the David Simon book, “Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets”, which was the inspiration for two excellent TV series Homicide: Life on the Streets and The Wire. I only got part of the way through the book; I stopped reading it because I got caught up in other things and found it hard to pick up again.

One of the things I remember from the book is the “Homicide Lexicon”, a detective created set of informal rules that apply to murder investigations. I started to think about a Reference Lexicon, a set of informal rules that apply to most reference transactions. Here’s what…

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Tafe post #7

Nameless Quotation

Reflect on the unit. Which social media type most appealed to you? Were you surprised by the ways libraries use social media to engage and connect with their users?

Although it was not covered on my blog my favourite social media that the libraries use to engage with its readers would be “Goodreads“. Although not many libraries use this site it mostly appeals to me because it is a fantastic way to engage, specifically, the younger generations.

Goodreads” is a social reading site.  For personal use it can be used for :

  • Keeping track of the books you have read
  • Leaving ratings and reviews of the books you HAVE read
  • Keeping a “shelf“** (list) of books you WANT to read
  • Joining “groups” for different thing (e.g. Reading genres, Writing groups, Groups for specific books)


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The Countdown.

The Countdown..

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Thing 15: Adobe ID

Thing 15: Adobe ID.

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Calling Me Home Review and Book Club Phone Call with Julie Kibler

Sounds like something “Ladies In Read”could read…

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1947 Australia: Flying Libraries: Trove:



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Twitter: Tweet the Author then SKYPE the Author: Wow “Together Tea”



Twitter Conversation: With Author, Marjan Kamali

Peta Cappello ‏@PetaLibrary2013 13 Aug

@MarjanKamali Together Tea Book TKS for skyping our bookclub! Ënjoyed your wit, insight and revealing conversation. Looking forward sequel!

Retweeted by Marjan Kamali


Marjan Kamali ‏@MarjanKamali 17 Jul

@PetaLibrary2013 That is wonderful news! I hope you’re enjoying it!

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Peta Cappello ‏@PetaLibrary2013 16 Jul

@MarjanKamali hi our book club “Ladies In Read”with Krysty is reading your book this month.

Retweeted by Marjan Kamali



I never imagined I would be skyping an author about their book, however after completing the TAFE study course on Social Media, I started using twitter and following authors.  When my book club “Ladies In Read”finished reading “Together Tea”we decided to contact the author and see if she would skype our next book club meeting.  What a fabulous night we had!  “Together Tea”is set in Iran (Persia) and America.  Our hosts for the night prepared a delicious Persian Feast using recipes from the book.  Some of us wore traditional Persian dress in colourful silk and we all had our copies of the book on hand.  Skype was connected and we had the exciting experience of talking with the author ‘face to face’ so to speak.  It was so very interesting learning about how long it took to write the book and why, the fact that she had 3 endings and had to choose which one to use, the negotiating with publishers who wanted to change her story and deciding on a retail price.  Learning how she got the inspiration for her characters and hearing of her shock when traveling to America after leaving a war torn country to find American’s celebrating death with halloween.  I’m so exciting to be learning to communicate in such a modern way.  I’m positive it is important to move with technology.  My children were very impressed with Mum skyping and tweeting… just quietly, so was I 🙂 …

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